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Juco shopping bags Dubai

Juco Bags

Smart, Versatile, Resilient 

Juco bags are made from a mixture of jute and cotton. They are a perfect eco-friendly solution because the material is completely bio-degradable and recyclable.

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Eco shopping bags UAE

Jute Bags

Natural, Silky, Renewable 

Referred to as “The Golden Fiber” due to its color, Jute fibers are considered to be highly sustainable and affordable, making for a great eco-friendly shopping bag option that can also be 100% biodegradable.

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cotton shopping bags UAE

Organic Cotton & Cotton Bags

Versatile, Lightweight, Breathable 

Similar to jute fiber, organic cotton too has little to no negative impact on the environment during its growing phase, neither does it undergo any form of genetic modification. These bags make for a great

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PP woven bags manufacturer

Resuable Man-made textile bags

Durable, Reusable, Recyclable 

We offer a variety of different man-made textile bags such as PP woven and non-woven, amongst many others.They are synthetic in nature, but are still 100% recyclable and make for a more cost-effective

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cotton shopping bags UAE

Cotton Bags

Strong, Fashionable, Durable

Long preferred in Asia and Africa, bags made from cotton are long-lasting, strong and thick. Because cotton is a natural, renewable product, the manufacturing of these bags is also eco-friendly and sustainable.

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canvas shopping bags supplier Dubai

Canvas Bags

Sturdy, Washable, Stylish

Bags made of canvas present you with the best of both worlds: They are lightweight but can hold heavy weights, they are rugged but look stylish, and they are low-maintenance while still being good for the environment.

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Kraft paper bags suppliers in Dubai

Kraft paper Bags

Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable 

A popular choice for one-time use, these bags can make your customers feel like they are participating in improving the environment simply by purchasing your products. Whilst they cannot support

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